Bring your entire risk management process into one simple cloud-based portal. All your suppliers and internal users can securely login anywhere in the world to manage their risks. All your business data is kept within federated encrypted databases so you will have perfect mixture of security and flexibility.

Centralisation of Risks


Our solution gathers and identifies risks from the surveys you send to your third party suppliers. Those risks are then sent to the appropriate risk register, assigned to an internal risk owner and scored on severity. This process is completely automated and doesn't require the constant monitoring that other solutions need. You can have as many different risk registers as you like, for example you can keep track of financial risk in a separate register to your information security and assign the risks in those registers to different owners and business units.


The 3GRC Risk Manager comes with pre-designed surveys covering many major compliance areas. These come in an easy to use template library which you can access the download as many times as you like. Our library is constantly reviewed by our professional GRC team to ensure it is compliant with the latest standards. You can also design and build your own surveys using our easy to use drag and drop survey building tools or you can lean on our extensive GRC consultancy team to help create unique surveys for you.​

  • ISO27001

  • GDPR

  • Modern Slavery

  • Cyber Essentials

  • Anti-Bribery

  • Cybersecurity

  • And more…


Our built-in discussion tools allow to manage and mitigate risks all within the same platform. All two way discussions are encrypted and logged in an audit trail that is always available to view, you'll be able to track discussions as well as set deadlines and costs against each individual risk. When you or a third party has added a comment to a risk you and the supplier will be notified by email that an action has taken place.


The 3GRC Risk Manager allows you to schedule all your surveys in advance and repeat the schedules periodically. You can schedule surveys to go out to individual third parties, groups of third parties or internal users and business units. When the start date of the schedule begins your recipients will be notified by email that there are new surveys to complete and will be prompted if they are not completed in time by automated custom notifications which you can predefined in advance.


Feel free to conduct your own research and due diligence, but you will find that our expert team at Elasticito has tirelessly evaluated and selected the best and most promising solutions in the market place.  


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