It is now possible to instantly see the financial impact and likelihood of a major cyber incident on any 3rd party organisation that you do business with.

In order to comply with part of APRA's Prudential Standard CPS 234, we suggest that firms look to using Breach & Attack Simulation for Systematic Assurance

I’m looking for a way in because I believe that you’re an organisation that will provide me with revenue either from the data you possess, you will probably pay a ransom or I can quietly skim funds by posing as your CFO and request regular payment of invoices, etc.

The Digital Footprint of an organisation can be thought of as external 360 deg. view, much like the view of Earth from Space.

The Sony Pictures breach in 2014 served notice to companies all around the world that it was not just credit card data that should be protected with extra security, but also customer data, financial records, business plans and HR records. All of these - and more – wer...