Multi-mode Next-Gen Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB). Agentless, zero-day anti-malware, data and threat protection, any app, any device including BYOD.

Cloud Access Security Broker | CASB


Is your organisation’s Cloud data secure and visible only to those who are authorised? An organisation needs to protect its data in Cloud and SaaS apps from cybersecurity attacks, insider threats, and potential data loss.


Whilst the Cloud provider has a responsibility to protect an organisation’s data from an Infrastructure and Platform perspective, an organisation also has a responsibility to protect its data. This is known as a shared responsibility model.


With the proliferation of devices and staff members taking advantage of the benefits of Cloud apps, which could be unauthorised (Shadow IT), organisations need a way to monitor where their data is, the way that their data gets used, who has access to it and who uses it.


This gives an organisation a chance to prevent, discover, and respond to threats.


A Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) is a data-centric security platform which provides end-to-end data protection, from SaaS, IaaS, and custom cloud applications to any endpoint. By proxying traffic between cloud apps and end-user devices, a CASB offers control and visibility over all your corporate data.


Organisations use a CASB to extend their own IT governance policies and government regulations to third-party software and storage.


A CASB leverages proxies and APIs to protect data in the cloud and at access. Proxies enable real-time, inline security while API integration provides control over backend functions like external sharing. Most organisations require a hybrid CASB that provides both proxy-based and API-based protections for comprehensive cloud data protection.

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A CASB should address the following four areas:


  • Identity: integrated identity management and the ability to seamless work with third party IDaaS/IAM solutions to enable secure authentication across all cloud apps.

  • Data Protection: a high-performance cloud DLP with a comprehensive catalogue of pre-built identifiers enabling data protection at access. By proxying traffic, you can apply remediation actions in real time based on the content of a file or the context of a user's access. CASBs are frequently used as an agentless alternative to MDM and are capable of enforcing a wide array of device security policies without installing software or agents.

  • Threat Protection: Through the combination of API and proxy-based control, a CASB provides full visibility into every transaction conducted in the application. User behaviour analytics, focused on suspicious activity detection, are built on that visibility and reported via alerts, dashboards, and SIEM integration.

  • Visibility: is a large gap in many sanctioned applications, with few providing even basic audit or activity logs. A CASB helps fill these gaps by providing audit-level logging and alerts and reports that up-level those logs into actionable security intelligence. One portal for monitoring all enterprise cloud apps. With Shadow IT Discovery, a CASB can also identify high risk traffic leaving the corporate network.


Addressed threats at a glance:


  • How will you know when an employee is using a new application?

  • Which files are being uploaded and downloaded to and from the application?

  • How secure are the applications?

  • What compliance criteria does the SaaS app meet?

  • Does the SaaS app comply with the regulations in my industry?


  • Managed App Control: Data protection, threat protection, identity and visibility for any SaaS

  • CASB can trigger MFA at any time - such as mid-session if a user starts to exhibit risk behaviours

  • Shadow IT Zero- day Discovery: Automatic discovery and classification of hundreds of thousands of unsanctioned cloud-applications

  • Agentless Mobile Security: BYOD security without MDM hassles

  • Optional Zero-day Malware Protection


Elasticito provides class leading Cloud Access solutions that span DevOps, On-premise and the full Cloud Infrastructure and Platform stack, backed by a robust Professional Service advisory, project management and implementation programme.


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Feel free to conduct your own research and due diligence, but you will find that our expert team at Elasticito has tirelessly evaluated and selected the best and most promising solutions in the market place.  


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