Knowing your Cyber Risk Score gives you the information necessary to protect your business from cyberattacks and increases your awareness of third-party risks. Cyber Risk Scorecards allow you to monitor your own cyber risks as well as the cyber hygiene of your entire vendor ecosystem. With easy-to-understand letter-grade scores, you will have a clear view of your security posture, understand how you compare against your competitors and know your status on relevant compliance standards and regulations.

What’s Your Cyber Risk Score?

Self-Risk Assessment

Protect yourself from cyber attacks and understand what hackers already know about you. A Cyber Risk Scorecard is a complete solution that provides actionable and easy-to-understand information for business executives while providing detailed drill-down technical data and recommendations for information security personnel.

Rapid Cyber Risk Scorecard

The Rapid Cyber Risk Scorecard evaluates your company in 60 seconds. The Cyber Risk Scorecard report provides:

  • Fast. No-setup. Non-intrusive.

  • Instant cyber risk posture analysis

  • 11 categories, 250+ security checklist items

  • Visibility to cyber risk posture for SMBs

  • User interface or API-based and fully automated

  • Optimized for Cyber due diligence

Comprehensive Cyber Risk Scorecard

The Comprehensive Cyber Risk Scorecard is for those who need detailed findings:

  • Detailed, Non-intrusive, outside-in scan using only the domain name

  • 20 categories, 500+ security checklist items

  • Visibility to a detailed cyber risk posture analysis

  • First step of cyber Kill Chain = hacker reconnaissance

  • Perfect for self-risk assessments and vendor risk management





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