Security operations teams face the challenge of keeping up with an ever-increasing volume of security alerts from an increasing number of threat detection technologies. In addition, organisations are struggling with a lack of skilled resources and available budget.


An organisation’s attack surface is also increased with both the sanctioned and unsanctioned adoption of cloud and mobile devices. Phishing, DDos and Ransomware attacks are becoming more sophisticated and are easily initiated with the use of Portals on the Dark Web. Members of Staff have available to them various tools to alert a Security Operations team to suspicious activity, for example a suspected Phishing email. As each of these incidents must be investigated by the Security operations team, this means that their work load is dramatically increase often performing repetitive tasks, hence leading to boredom and staff retention challenges.


To mitigate these risks a Security Operations team requires threat intelligence which can be either: Internal - from your own network, such as log files, or External - from “Open source” intelligence, such as security researcher or vendor blogs or publicly available reputation and block lists, or commercial sources of threat intelligence from vendors, which may be refined with context (CVE, etc). The challenge for organisations is the ever-increasing volume of this information.


The typical attack surface of an organisation today encompasses multiple forms of cloud (SaaS, IaaS and PaaS) and mobile environments, and even extends to third-parties. Effective security monitoring requires not only tools and well documented incident response processes and procedures, but also the ability to execute them with consistency and precision.


Gartner defines the ideal Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) solution as a convergence of three previously distinct technology markets: security orchestration and automation, security incident response platforms, and threat intelligence platforms.


A complete solution is one that helps SecOps analysts and managers to optimise the entire incident life cycle while auto documenting and journaling all the evidence.

A SOAR solution is implemented by an organisation to determining whether a specific alert deserves attention which can require the querying of many data sources to triage. Due to growing staff shortages in SecOps there is a growing need to automate, streamline workflows and orchestrate these security tasks.


Threats are becoming more destructive and by destroying or encrypting data, disclosing personal and intellectual property for monetary extortion. This therefore requires a rapid, continuous response from SecOps with fewer mistakes and fewer manual steps.


SOAR tools allow for the central collection, aggregation, deduplication, enrichment of existing data with threat intelligence, and, importantly, converting intelligence into action and can completely automate this process.


Addressed threats at a glance:


  • Endpoint: Phishing, Malware, Ransomware

  • Cloud: Cryptojacking, DDos, Bots

  • Network: Lateral Movement, Privilege Escalation, Worms, Shares

  • General: Anomalies, Device loss


  • Enables organisations to improve the efficacy, efficiency and consistency of their SecOps;

  • Dramatically reduce incident investigation duration times with automated playbooks

  • Reduce (Mean-Time-To-Respond) MTTR and enhance Incident Management processes

  • Prioritise SecOps activities

  • Provide an audit trail which is measurable against business objectives


Elasticito provides class leading SOAR solutions backed by a robust Professional Service advisory, project management and implementation programme.


Elasticito’s SOAR solutions allow for orchestration of a rich set of different security technologies and include a large list of easy out-of-the-box integrations. In addition, the solution includes tools which provide the capability to easily implement an organisation's existing playbooks and also assist with optimising the collaboration of analysts in SecOps.


The solution can be deployed and hosted, either in the cloud, on-premises or a hybrid of these, to accommodate an organisation’s security policies and privacy considerations.




Feel free to conduct your own research and due diligence, but you will find that our expert team at Elasticito has tirelessly evaluated and selected the best and most promising solutions in the market place.  


If you have any questions for us, or if you would like to see a demonstration of any of our solutions, get in touch with our team of subject matter experts by clicking the appropriate button below.

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