Nearly half of the cyber-attacks observed on the Internet are directed at web applications and that rate is increasing.


Websites and Web Applications have to be accessed by everyone, therefore administrators have to allow all incoming traffic on port 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTPS).  A traditional network firewall cannot analyse web traffic sent to and from the web applications, therefore it is not able to block malicious requests sent by someone trying to exploit an application vulnerability with SQL injection or Cross-site Scripting.


Hackers use Bots to launch pre-attack scans, exploit vulnerabilities, and execute code injection attacks, Denial of Service attacks, and password guessing hacks against your Websites and web applications. Bots can also commit fraud by credential stuffing, repetitively making and cancelling purchases, holding and/or consuming inventory along with scraping sites and stealing information.


To meet the requirements of PSD2, to enable data exchange and support mobile applications, organisations are deploying Application Program Interface (API) endpoints at an ever-increasing rate. This creates a broader attack surface that is increasingly a target for savvy threat actors wielding vast botnets and advanced scripts used to disrupt business critical communications. An organisation needs to protect their web services from DDoS attacks and malicious bots without compromising legitimate API traffic.


With the emergence of DDoS attack portals on the Dark Web, scheduling and implementing a DDos attacks to extort money from an organisation has never been easier. As the size, frequency, and duration of DDoS attacks continue to rise, and the “ease of attack” continues to grow, organisations of all sizes must confront the risk of DDoS attacks.



An intuitive, web-based dashboard designed to give a SecOps team the power to configure, view, report on, and analyse their cybersecurity postures for Web Application Firewalls (WAF) Bot management, API security and DDoS attacks.


A WAF that makes use of traditional rules and threat intelligence feeds combined with Artificial Intelligence is able to provide granular access control while serving content, hence providing protection to Website and web application while preventing exploitation of an application vulnerability with SQL injection or Cross-site Scripting.


A DDos solution that provides always-on monitoring and automatic rerouting once an attack is detected is the most cost-effective option for DDos mitigation. When no attack is detected, the traffic flows normally to the organisation’s infrastructure. It is similar to an Always-On solution (instantaneous attack detection and automatic re-routing/mitigation), without any of the latency impacts.


A good Bot Manager should detect and block malicious bot traffic, while allowing and managing good bots including being able to recognise type, time of day and origin. A Bot Manager should include configurable challenge/detection techniques, be able to redirect unwanted bot traffic to preconfigured pages and provides visual bot classifications. In addition, it should be able to defeats content and price scraping, web-based phishing, spam, chatbots, click fraud, credential stuffing, vulnerability scans and code injections.


API Security requires advanced identifiers to determines the legitimacy of API calls, to eliminate attacks at the edge of a network by blocking malicious activity while enabling authorised traffic passes through seamlessly. The solution should work for both authenticated and un-authenticated API calls.


Addressed threats at a glance:


  • Bots

  • Malware

  • DDos

  • Phishing


  • Bot Manager: Advanced malicious bot detection and mitigation platform.

  • WAF:AI-driven web application firewall.

  • API Security: Advanced API protection with Native SDK for web and mobile.

  • DDoS Defences: scalable, hardened DDoS protection and mitigation.


Elasticito provides a class leading Web Application Security solutions backed by a robust Professional Service advisory, project management and implementation programme.


The solution can be deployed across all main cloud infrastructures including AWS, Azure, Google and Oracle.


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Feel free to conduct your own research and due diligence, but you will find that our expert team at Elasticito has tirelessly evaluated and selected the best and most promising solutions in the market place.  


If you have any questions for us, or if you would like to see a demonstration of any of our solutions, get in touch with our team of subject matter experts by clicking the appropriate button below.

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